Soul Collage

What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® is a collage process of self-discovery through the use of simple materials – found images or one’s original art, scissors, glue, and blank cards ( 5x8 cards, small enough to keep focused, large enough for a single aspect)- combined with your own imagination, creativity and intuition, making cards which reflect your inner world and aspects of your outer world.

After completing your SoulCollage® card, you reflect on your created image, and speak from that image, using the words, “I am One Who….” to reveal elements of who you are, tap into your wisdom, and answer your own questions. You can continue to make your SoulCollage® cards, forming your own personal deck to gradually adding cards to build a very meaningful SoulCollage® deck. Even after “finishing” a card, you will discover that meaning continues to unfold as you consult your card at different times and in different circumstances.

The One and the Many: This system is based on the principle that there is One Source (understood by different names in different belief systems) from which everything manifests – the Many which come from the Source. The deck we make is the evolving collage of our Soul.

"We make SoulCollage® cards in order to create deep relationship with ourselves. And, in the process, we sometimes also create deeper relationships with other and with Spirit. Every SoulCollage® card is simply beautiful, simply because it reflects a bit of a person's Soul." Anne Marie Bennett, SoulCollage® Facilitator

Four Suits: Cards usually find their place in one of four suits that hold 1) our personality parts; 2) members of our community; 3) physical energies; 4) archetypes that are particularly important in your own life.

Community: Sharing SoulCollage® cars in community is an important element of SoulCollage®. SoulCollage® brings people together in creativity, acceptance, and self-reflection

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Are you considering a Special Gathering of friends or colleagues? Consider a SoulCollage® Workshop Retreat for your book club, yoga group, photography club/group, mothers’ support groups, or professional group etc. These retreat/workshops can be arranged for the Magic of SoulCollage® Cardmaking, with refreshing snacks throughout the day and luncheon offered. You can stroll I in the Garden to center, journal and settle into the sounds of water and myriad of birds calling.
SoulCollage® Workshops can be a unique way to celebrate Special Occasions like birthdays, Ladies day, etc. sharing this powerful experience.
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Does this sound familiar:

“I’ve never done anything like this; I don’t want want to do something wrong....."

“I’m not (or , never have been) artistic....”

That may be your own Inner Critic trying to “protect” you;
perhaps you’ll be guided to make a card of that Critic,
see what your Critic looks like.
As a Trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, I look forward to sharing this process of self-exploration and discovery with you!

Some of our SoulCollage® examples:

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